Maintenance & Repairs

At Cape Gas we are licensed to repair, replace and maintain all LPG pipe work and associated working parts.We offer the following services

Domestic & Commercial:

  • Prescribed Annual Inspections
  • Servicing of fireplaces
  • Minor repairs to gas appliances
  • Servicing of hobs & ovens
  • Gas Geysers
  • Repairs to boiling tables & Grillers
  • Upgrades to existing installations
  • COC Inspections


  • Prescribed Annual Inspection
  • 3 Year Tests
  • 9 Year Tests
  • Vapouriser Servicing & repairs
  • Pump Servicing & Repairs
  • Pressure Relief Valve replacement
  • Regulator Service & Repairs
  • Upgrades & refurbishment of existing pipe reticulations
  • COC Inspections

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is one of the most common sources of alternative fuels used in households as well as in many industries. As per the rules regarding LPG cylinder installation, the owner must call for an inspection after every five years, and the service providers are entitled to take necessary actions regarding the cylinder’s maintenance and repair.

The employees working at Cape Gas based in Cape Town are licensed to repair and maintain LPG pipes and other important parts. We have been providing our services for more than three decades.

The LPG maintenance process consists of various complex steps that can only be carried out by trained and skilful professionals working in a certain company. Also, alongside LPG repairs, other services like annual inspections, servicing of ovens and hobs, minor repairing of various gas appliances, repairing grills, upgrading the existing LPG installation, are properly executed by us for households.

On the other hand, our maintenance service for the industrial installation of LPG includes three and nine-year tests, servicing and repairing of vaporisers, pump servicing and repairs, refurbishing as well as upgrading the existent pipe reticulation system, pressure relief valve replacements, COC inspections and many more. The above is conducted in accordance with the P.E.R (Pressure Equipment Regulation).

To ensure the safety and to keep the desired level of productivity, the maintenance and repair service of LPG installation plays a pivotal role.

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